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Diabetes Patient Support

The OneTouch® brand offers materials for patients that are designed to help them comply with your recommendations and support adherence. They cover a variety of topics, from basic information about diabetes to activities that can help patients get on track with healthy, self-management behaviours. Select, download, and share the topic areas best suited to your patients’ needs.

Give your patients the only meter with Blood Sugar Mentor™ feature to help motivate them to stay on track and achieve their diabetes management goals.

Three ways to encourage your patients to better self-management

Providing more guidance, insights, and encouragement with technology

Providing more guidance, insights, and encouragement with technology

Daughter getting piggy back ride

Why check your blood glucose?

OneTouch Patients Living Well With Diabetes

Living well with diabetes

OneTouch Patient Relaxing on a Dock to Manage Blood Glucose

Managing your blood glucose

Understanding diabetes basics with OneTouch

Understanding diabetes basics

OneTouch Healthy Diabetics Gardening

Testing blood glucose to stay in range

OneTouch Making The Most Of Your Doctors Visit

Making the most of your doctor's visit

OneTouch Family Exploring The Link Between Diabetes and Food

Exploring the link between diabetes and food

OneTouch Customers Bike Riding to Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Small changes can reduce your risk of diabetes

Instruction manuals

View a comprehensive list of product guides and instructions.

Patient assistance

Visit the consumer website for answers to FAQs and support services for patients.