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OneTouch Verio®IQ meter


If your patients are looking for a meter that helps them easily identify patterns in their blood glucose results, we have the OneTouch Verio®IQ meter. It is designed with:

  • On-screen messages with ColourSure™ technology that notify your patients of repeated highs and lows
  • Easy, one-step meal tagging
  • A colour display and an illuminated test-strip port
  • Uses OneTouch Verio® test strips

Training Support Downloads:

Easy Testing Guide


Discover more about the meter

High and low pattern alerts

OneTouch Verio® IQ meter  high and low patterns alert

High and low pattern alerts with ColourSure™ technology

Test strip port light

OneTouch Verio® IQ meter test strip port light

Test strip port light allows patients to test in the dark or low light conditions

One step meal tagging

OneTouch Verio® IQ meter one-step meal tagging icon

Results can easily be tagged as before or after meals

Tiny sample size

OneTouch Verio® IQ Meter Only Requires Tiny Blood Sample

Only requires a tiny blood sample (0.4 μL)


Introducing the OneTouch Verio®IQ Meter

Intro to meter

Get to know the OneTouch Verio®IQ meter with a step-by-step introduction.