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OneTouch Verio® test strips


OneTouch Verio® test strips are the most accurate test strips from the OneTouch® brand.

Requiring only 0.4 µL of blood, our test strips have achieved 7 years of proven clinical accuracy even at extremely low and high blood glucose levels. For blood glucose testing with the OneTouch Verio® family of meters, including the OneTouch Verio Flex® meterOneTouch Verio® meter, and OneTouch Verio®IQ meter.

  • No manual coding
  • Requires just 0.4 µL sample size
  • Sample can be applied to either side of the strip (handy for both right- and left-handed patients)
  • Actively scans each blood sample 500 times and corrects for common interferences*

Download the test strip technical information

Find the in-depth technical details for the OneTouch Verio® test strips.

*Corrects for the presence of certain substances that, when present at therapeutic levels, commonly interfere with accurate blood glucose results, such as acetaminophen and vitamin C.