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Make monitoring more meaningful*

The OneTouch Reveal® mobile app wirelessly connects with the OneTouch Verio Reflect™ and the OneTouch Verio Flex® meters to help patients get more meaning out of their blood glucose results – in the moment, and on the go. It also helps patients share results with you, via a secure cloud-based ecosystem.

OneTouch Reveal® mobile app could help to reinforce your treatment recommendations

It contains colourful and simple visuals to explain and highlight patterns, track blood glucose, food, insulin, and activity data over time. If patients want, they can sync their data with the Apple Health app on compatible iOS devices. The OneTouch Reveal® mobile app can help patients stay on track and stay more engaged between visits. Ask your patients to download the app on their Apple iOS and Android devices.

Recent Enhancements:

  1. Push Notifications: Notifications on the phone of Patterns and Recurring Patterns to help patients know when to act to avoid highs and lows
  2. Recurring Patterns: Detects low recurring and high recurring patterns that occurred in the last 14 days
  3. Goal Setting: Patients can set and track personalized goals for BG tests, carbs logging, and number of steps per day
  4. A1c Comparator: Compares the 90-day-average to their lab A1c so patients know where they stand
OneTouch Reveal ® Mobile App on desktop screen

The OneTouch Reveal® web app helps identify patterns, trends and trouble spots

Your patients can upload their data and view a personalized home page designed to help get them more involved in their own care. Additionally, patients can download reports before their appointment, allowing them to have more meaningful conversations with you.

A clound-based eco system

A cloud-based ecosystem to link patients and healthcare professionals

OneTouch Reveal® apps for patients use the same username and password and store data on a cloud-based system. The OneTouch Reveal® web app for professionals makes all this patient data instantly available to you, when linked using a Clinic Code.