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See a bigger picture with secure real-time conneciton to your patient data

See a bigger picture with secure real-time connection to your patient data

The OneTouch Reveal® web app gathers data and creates simple, colourful reports to help you have more meaningful conversations with your patients during appointments. The data is instantly available on the cloud, when your patients use the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app to wirelessly sync their compatible OneTouch® meters.

When you receive a clinic account, you will receive a unique Clinic Code that your patients can use to securely connect with your office.

Make more informed treatment decisions than with a paper log book

OneTouch Reveal® web app provides more information to make informed treatment decisions than using a paper logbook

Featuring ColourSure® technology, which displays blood glucose readings using colourful charts and graphs by time of day. It automatically detects over 30 patterns related to blood glucose, food, insulin, and activity. The OneTouch Reveal® web app helps to identify patterns, trends, and trouble spots that can go undetected.

Population management tool helps filter and sort patient info

The population management tool helps you filter and sort patient information

Using this population management tool, you can identify patients with Type 1 diabetes with the most lows <3.9 mmol/L, patients with Type 2 diabetes with the most highs >10.0 mmol/L.

You can also find average blood glucose readings for patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and further refine list by sorting by age, gender, number of blood glucose readings per day, etc.