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Managing your patients with diabetes using virtual care? Let OneTouch Reveal® web app help.

OneTouch® apps and blood glucose monitoring products can simplify patient care and make consultations with your patients more meaningful. The OneTouch Reveal® web app for professionals is a valuable management tool to help identify what’s working and not working for your patients, remotely.

Additionally, data from OneTouch® meters can be downloaded using several diabetes monitoring platforms, ensuring easy connectivity for you and your patients.

Find out how OneTouch Reveal® mobile and web apps use a cloud-based solution to connect patients and healthcare professionals and can help you in your practice.

How can OneTouch Reveal® help your telehealth practice?

  • Patients can share their data from home: The secure cloud allows for wireless transfer which eliminates the need for meter cable downloads, allowing for remote transfer.
  • It helps you have more meaningful conversations with your patients: When connected to patients, the innovative system gives you access to up to date to blood glucose monitoring data as your patients record it.
  • The web app could help you make more informed treatment decisions: Lets you support patient's diabetes management and identify the highest risk patients in your diabetes population.

Resources for healthcare professionals


Setting up your OneTouch Reveal® clinic account video:
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Adding patients to your OneTouch Reveal® clinic account video:
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OneTouch Reveal® Ecosystem Flyer
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OneTouch Reveal® Web App HCP Training Guide
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OneTouch Reveal® Web App Report Reference Guide
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OneTouch Reveal® Web App HCP Getting Started Guide
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Telehealth / Virtual Care Billing Codes
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Resources to share with your patients

OneTouch® meter and OneTouch Reveal® Set Up Flyer
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OneTouch Reveal® Mobile App – Share Your Results
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OneTouch Reveal® Web App Patient Guide
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Need additional support for your telehealth practice?

Learn from opinion leaders and subject matter experts on practical implementations for managing your diabetes population.

Clinical Training on OneTouch Reveal® Digital Solutions Portfolio.
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